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this is like the realist shit ever

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"What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life."

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Check Out These Guys Wearing Dresses Made Out of Gym Shorts [Click for more]

Go from a casual fantasy football look to WERK IT BROTHER in three easy steps.

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Who wants to burn calories when you can pile them on?

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There are boxes in a room. Each box stands for an emotion, within the box there are dolls. The same dolls are in each box. Each doll represents a person. There is a set of dolls outside of the boxes in the room. Also a set of cards. The cards change depending on the dolls. The room means emptiness. There is emptiness, the room. You are always in the room, and you can always feel the presence of the room. If a doll- a person- has a card -a certain action or feeling or anything- then you get sent to a box. Because of the action, you can be happy, you can be sad, angry, confused, upset, hurt, any number of emotions in any combination you can think of. If you are more than one emotion, like sad and angry, then you have to fit yourself in both of those boxes. Then within those boxes, the dolls may still affect you. They can make you feel more or less of an emotion. Eventually, when no emotions or feelings get dealt with, no problems get resolved, and you’re stuck in all these boxes. But there are only so many parts to your body. You can only fit into so many boxes at once, but you have to keep trying to fit yourself into all of them. When you finally can’t, you shut down. You leave all the boxes, and you just sit alone in this room. The dolls and the cards are still affecting you, but you don’t have the capacity to deal with it because you can’t figure out how to put yourself into these boxes. So you can have a card for an emotion, and you can feel that emotion as long as you are holding that card. But as soon as it gets put down.. You’re just empty again.



The 5 People You Meet In College (if they were comedians) [Click for full description]

Which one are you?

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An actual conversation between a student in my literature class and the teacher

Student: Teacher, Josh is being a girl.
Teacher: I find that offensive and I don’t know if that’s appropriate. You know I am a girl.
Student: Yes, but you’re strong and independent and don’t need no man.

Can someone explain to me what just happened?



So I’m sitting here extremely bored talking about leggings with my friend. She calls me a “skinny bitch,” and my first reaction is a Kim K crying face. I decide to bomb her with Kim K imitation photos and this was the result.
Enjoy this.

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Eddie Izzard
on building an empire

Eddie Izzard is the most perfect comedian ever.

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